What do I do if my employee(s) is/are ill?

If the employer has loss of income insurance, they will pay the salary for the first 30 days of incapacity for work as though the employee came to work.

As of the 31st day of incapacity for work, the insurance policy will pay daily allowances until the employee resumes work, for a maximum of 730 days.

If the employer does not have loss of income insurance, the employer must pay the employee’s salary for:

  • 3 weeks in the first year of employment
  • 1 month in the second year of employment
  • 2 months in the third and fourth years of employment
  • 3 months in the fifth to ninth years of employment
  • 4 months in the 10th to 14th years of employment
  • etc. (Berne scale)

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