What do I do if my employee is in quarantine?

Employees in quarantine who must stop paid work are entitled to a maximum of 10 Covid-19 allowances for loss of income. They must apply for this from the AVS insurance fund using the forms provided below.

- The allowance rises to 80% of average gross income from paid work received in the 3 months prior to the start of the claim.

- The allowance is supplementary. If the recipient is already in receipt of another social security benefit (e.g. unemployment benefit) or a private allowance (e.g. medical insurance for loss of earning), he or she may not claim this allowance.

- The allowance must be repaid to the employer if they paid the salary during the quarantine period.

Form to be completed online by the employee:


PDF: https://www.ahv-iv.ch/Portals/0/Documents/Formulare/EO-MSE/318.758.vers.25-03-2020_F_web.pdf?ver=2020-03-25-120600-513

to be sent to the following email address: apgcovid@avs22.vd.ch

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