What do I do if I return from an overseas trip?

The Federal Council decided that, after 6 July 2020 any person entering Swizerland from a country or zone with a high risk of infection must enter a 10-day quarantine.

The list of countries and regions concerned is updated regularly by the Federal Office of Public Health at:


Link to translation in several languages: https://www.bag.admin.ch/bag/fr/home/krankheiten/ausbrueche-epidemien-pandemien/aktuelle-ausbrueche-epidemien/novel-cov/faq-kontakte-downloads/downloads-in-verschiedenen-sprachen.html

  1. The employee is not entitled to an allowance if, at the time of departure, the country was already on the list of States and territories at high risk of infection.
  2. The employee is entitled to a Covid-19 allowance for loss of income if he or she had to be quarantined for no fault of their own. This means that, at the time of department, the destination was not on the list of states and territories at high risk of infection and the employee could not know, following an official annoucement, that their destination would be added to this list during their journey.

Form to be completed online:


PDF :https://www.ahv-iv.ch/Portals/0/Documents/Formulare/EO-MSE/318.758.vers.25-03-2020_F_web.pdf?ver=2020-03-25-120600-513

to be sent to the following email address: apgcovid@avs22.vd.ch

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