What do I do if I am an at-risk person?

The employer will allow his or her vulnerable employees to perform their professional duties from their home.

If this is impossible, the employer will allocate equivalent replacement tasks that they can perform from their home. If the presence of vulnerable employees on site is essential, they can carry out their usual or replacement work on site, provided the following terms are met:

a. any close contact with other persons is avoided, with a minimum distance of at least 1.50 m being consistently observed.

b. if close contact is sometimes unavoidable, suitable protection measures must be taken by applying the STOP principle (Substitution, Technical measures, Organizational and Personal protective equipment). The employee concerned may refuse to complete a task allocated to him or her if the employer does not meet these conditions.

If it is not possible for the employees concerned to work in accordance with the principles mentioned above, the employer will exempt them from work while continuing the payment of their salary.


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